Ensuring a Consistent Power Supply Vs. Cold Wave

信息来源:公司网站  发布时间2021-01-05

In the snow-covered Xiaotianshi Village, staff from the Guangxi Power Supply Bureau pushes forward against biting winds with every inch of skin well protected.

A team from the Power Distribution Station of Duyun Dushan Power Supply Bureau, Guizhou Power Supply Company is busy inspecting the iced power lines under frigid conditions.

Staff from the Qingyuan Power Supply Bureau, Guangdong Power Supply Company is busy checking the operation of devices inside the power distribution cabinet, on which the ice has been broken apart during its opening.

Staff of the Zhaotong Power Supply Bureau, Yunnan Power Supply Company works to record the icing data.

After a busy morning of deicing, Xiao Song, one of China Southern Power Grid’s staff, takes a well-deserved  rest with his cellphone in his hands for sudden needs.

Recently, most regions in South China have been affected by the strong cold air descending from Mongolia …entering its coldest days of the winter. Facing the double challenge of huge electrical loads in winter and icing lines, China Southern Power Grid senior managers took the following measures:
·Formulating the Plan to Prevent Icing on Power Lines & Better Service
·Optimizing the duty mechanism for the CSG Hotline 95598
·Posted notices on power supply services, and
·Provided exceptional service through the online customer service platform, and offered  point-to-point assistance for enterprises and their thousands of staff and management.
Concurrently, staff of all units work diligently to deice all electrical lines and equipment to ensure stable power supplies.