A New Electrical Grid Brings New Welfare;
A Field Visit to Sanjiang County of Guangxi

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CSG staff walk through the Wind and Rain Bridge, a special architecture built by the Dong ethic group of China.

Staff of the Bajiang Power Supply Station dance with the local Dong people after a day’s work.

After graduating from college, Qin Guizhen (middle) went back home and started a workshop, creating 118 new jobs for embroidery makers - rising them up from poverty.

An heir of the Intangible Cultural Heritage - namely traditional Dong craftsmanship for timber-framed architecture - is making handicrafts.


Great News!

The population of Sanjiang County has been lifted out of poverty. Thanks to a stable and sufficient power supply, made possible by upgrading the old rural power grid in Guangxi province … air conditioners at the local inns and machineries in factories can now be turned on whenever needed … an testament to a well-thought out management of a thoroughly remolded rural power grid in China.

By the end of Year 2019, senior managers from the Guangxi Power Grid Company and Guangxi New Power Investment Group mutually agreed to make a sizeable increase in their investment into upgrading the rural power grid. Major efforts have been made into optimizing transformers, power lines, grid structure and expanding power supply areas to deal with low voltage provided in poor areas and supply power of higher quality.

These and other key actions have served to help reduce poverty for these local people.

Some five of the eight poor counties in Guangxi province, where the poverty alleviation is directly led and inspected by the State Council, are covered by the power supply area of the Guangxi New Power Investment Group.

During their analysis of the overall situation, Guangxi Power Grid Company senior managers introduced new mechanisms to guide rural power grid management as well as arranging for financing and investment. They also set up a Rural Area Power Grid Investment and Construction Group in Guangxi to direct new power grid construction projects.

So far, all the projects are equally sharing one unified management and standard.

During Year 2020, the Guangxi Power Grid Company invested more than 83.50 million yuan into 216 projects throughout Sanjiang, including the Chengyang 35 kV substation, freeing 18,523 people in 27 poor villages from lifestyle challenges caused by low voltage and frequent outages.

The power supplies and these and neighboring areas are now safe and stable and meets the need of local residents … and the development of rural tourism which pushes forward the opportunities for poverty alleviation industries in this region.